HHSC – Learning Collaborative Summit

HHSC has posted information on the August 27th - 28th Statewide Learning Collaborative Summit, including the livestream link and agenda, on the Dates and Deadlines page. Visit us at Garlo Ward, PC … [Read more...]

PL/News Alerts: Alzheimer’s, July 11 Seminar

ALF: DADS clarified the requirements for using locking devices in Alzheimer's facilities or an Alzheimer's unit. An excerpt: The ALF licensing rule at 40 TAC §92.61(b)(4)(A) requires small Type A & B ALF and large Type A ALF buildings and structures to be in compliance with the 1988 edition of the Life Safety Code, National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) 101, Chapter 21 for Residential Board and Care Occupancies. The following directives must be met for small Type A and B ALFs and … [Read more...]

Information Letters: LVN/RN Form 3050, Etc.

DADS released three information letters: Hospice providers: DADS sent a corrected letter that notifies these providers that they can bill for ventilator services provided to residents in nursing facilities. In the attached letter, the corrections are indicated in red. (Letter) Day Activity Health Services providers: DADS determined that either an LVN or an RN can complete and sign the Form 3050 (DAHS Health Assessment/Individual Service Plan) when it is used for assessment in a Day Activity … [Read more...]

Information Letters: New Hospice Rates, Employment Svcs Training

DADS released two information letters. Medicaid Hospice Providers: HHSC recently approved rate changes for the Medicaid Hospice Program for Federal Fiscal Year 2010, effective October 1, 2009. See new rates on this web page. The adjustment will be retroactive, so providers don't have to do anything, unless repayment fails. In that case, they'll need to re-bill the denied claims. (Letter) ICF/MR: DADS announced the Employment Services Training and Technical Assistance Initiative. The … [Read more...]

Provider and Information Letters: HCS, TxHmL, CDSAs

DADS released one provider and three information letters: HCSSAs: All Medicare-approved home health agencies or those seeking approval under Medicare must comply with Outcome and Assessment Information Set (OASIS)-C requirements. Download the patient classification table here and the letter here. HCS, TxHmL, and CDSAs: HHSC approved new payment rates for these programs, effective September 1, available at the HHSC Rate Analysis web page and TxHmL web page. Download the letter for … [Read more...]

Texas Register Updates: Rates for Nursing, Medical Board Rules

The following information was obtained from the October 2 issue of the Texas Register: Public Notices HHSC has adopted new Medicaid per diem payment rates for the nursing facility program operated DADS, effective September 1, 2009: Base Rates by RUG Add-on Rates by Enhancement Level Liability Insurance See the relevant section of the Texas Register for more information. HHSC will hold a public hearing on October 20, 2009, at 9:00 a.m. to receive public comment on proposed … [Read more...]

Information Letters: ICF/MR, HCS, CDSAs, DBMD

DADS released four information letters: Screen 573 allows ICFs/MR to monitor compliance with RLO. The screen's new function is to identify individuals in each queried component code that have not received a RLO due to being a new admission. These individuals will show as "Not Found" on Screen 573. A vendor will place a hold on payments to facilities until all reviews are updated and completed. (Letter) HCS, MRAs, and CDSAs: DADS implemented in CARE new nursing categories and new rates for … [Read more...]

Provider and Information Letters: HCS, ICF/MR, TxHml, Etc.

DADS reminded providers about FY 2009 cut-off dates for miscellaneous claims and year-end close-out processing. You may download letters for the following providers: ICF/MR Group 5 ICF/MR Group 6 HCS and TxHml Community Services, Nursing Facility, and Therapy Providers DADS informed community-based ICF/MR providers of the initiation of adverse actions that may be taken by DADS against providers that don't comply with the Review of Living Options process, including requirements for … [Read more...]

Provider and Information Letters: Emergency Preparedness, Hospice Rates

The Texas Aging and Disability Services (DADS) issued a provider and information letter: Emergency Preparedness Reminder DADS reminded all Adult Day Care Facilities, Assisted Living Facilities, Home and Community Support Service Agencies, Intermediate Care Facilities for Persons with Mental Retardation or Related Conditions, and Nursing Facilities to review their emergency preparedness and response plans and available resources in the event of an emergency. Hurricane season is June 1 … [Read more...]