TX Register Updates: Medical Board Changes

The following information was obtained from the December 20 issue of the Texas Register.

Public Notices

HHSC intends to submit an amendment to the Texas State Plan for Medical Assistance to update the fee schedules in the current state plan by adjusting or implementing fees for:

  • 2014 Annual Healthcare Common Procedure Coding System Update;
  • Ambulance Services;
  • Case Management for Children and Pregnant Women;
  • Clinical Diagnostic Laboratory Services;
  • Dental Services;
  • Durable Medical Equipment, Prosthetics, Orthotics, and Supplies;
  • Early and Periodic Screening, Diagnosis, and Treatment Services;
  • Hearing and Audiometric Evaluations;
  • Home Health Services;
  • Indian Health Services; and
  • Physicians and Other Practitioners

HHSC also intends to submit Transmittal Number 13-051 to implement a disregard of all income when considering eligibility for children under age 21 for whom the DFPS assumes financial responsibility in whole or in part or who are under the age of 18 and are in the managing conservatorship of DFPS. For more information about both entries, see the Texas Register.

Proposed Rules

The Texas Medical Board proposed to amend §§185.2, 185.4, 185.10, 185.11, 185.13, and 185.14 and new §185.30 and §185.31, Physician Assistants. Among the changes: amendments to §185.2, Definitions, to add definitions for “military service member,” “military spouse” and “military veteran” and amendments to §185.4, Procedural Rules for Licensure Applicants, to add language to subsection (f) requiring the board to notify applicants who meet the definition of a military spouse in writing or by electronic means of license renewal requirements, in accordance with SB 162. See the Texas Register for details.

Adopted Rule

HHSC adopted an amendment to §355.314, Supplemental Payments to Non-State Government-Owned Nursing Facilities, to revise the way the state calculates Medicaid supplemental payment limits and to address facility changes of ownership. See the Texas Register for more information.