HHSC – Learning Collaborative Summit

HHSC has posted information on the August 27th - 28th Statewide Learning Collaborative Summit, including the livestream link and agenda, on the Dates and Deadlines page. Visit us at Garlo Ward, PC … [Read more...]

IL/PL: ALF Licensing Standards

DADS released one information letter and one provider letter. HCS and Local Authorities: DADS announced a new search feature on its web site to find (by city, county, or zip code) a HCS group home vacancy. (Letter) ALF: DADS issued a provider letter to provide notice of changes to the Licensing Standards for Assisted Living Facilities, effective January 6, 2014. (Letter) … [Read more...]

TX Register: 2/19 Hearing, Medical Board Changes

The following information was obtained from the January 17 issue of the Texas Register. Public Notices and Hearing A public hearing on proposed Medicaid payment rates for the following will take place on Wednesday, February 19, 2014, at 1:30 p.m. in the Public Hearing Room, Brown-Heatly Building, located at 4900 North Lamar, Austin: 3rd Quarter 2013 Healthcare Common Procedure Coding System updates 2014 Annual Healthcare Common Procedure Coding System updates Early and Periodic … [Read more...]

TX Register Updates: TxHmL, Bed Allocation Waivers

The following information was obtained from the January 10 issue of the Texas Register. Public Notices HHSC intends to submit Transmittal Numbers 13-047 and 13-057 to the Texas State Plan for Medical Assistance, to include current information on agency names and organizational structure. HHSC will also submit to CMS a request to amend the TxHmL waiver program to update the performance measures for consistency across waivers and the process for HHSC's administrative oversight of DADS, and … [Read more...]

DADS News Alerts: January Webinars

--  DADS announced supported employment training webinars from the University of Montana. To join the Montana Transition Listserv, go to the Transition and Employment Projects page and enter your email address. January 14th, 2-3:30 (CST) Systematic Instruction and Job Coaching--Part One February 17th, 5:30-6:30 (CST) Group discussion of how using the strategies taught in the workshop is playing out in participant's work. Register for this on the Montana Professional Development … [Read more...]

DADS News Alerts: January Meetings, Webinars, and Reminders

--  DADS will hold two free joint training sessions on Tuesday, January 7, and Wednesday, January 8, at various times. See Joint Provider Training site for more information. --  HHSC is hosting a series of information sessions about several Medicaid managed care initiatives scheduled for September 1, 2014. On Wednesday, January 8, 2014, a Medicaid Managed Care Initiatives Information Session will be held in Austin. For additional details, check the meeting notices on the HHSC site. --  … [Read more...]

TX Register Updates: Level II Service, ACA Reqs.

The following information was obtained from the October 25 issue of the Texas Register. Proposed Rules The Texas Medical Board proposed to amend §192.1, Definitions, which would add language providing that the administration of certain local anesthesia, peripheral nerve blocks, or both in a total dosage amount that exceeds 50 percent of the recommended maximum safe dosage per outpatient visit is a Level II service. See the Texas Register for details. Withdrawn Rules The Texas Medical … [Read more...]

IL/News Alerts: 10/30 Meeting, Proposed Rules

HCS, TxHmL, and FMS: DADS provided clarification concerning reimbursement for diapers, diaper-wipes, incontinence briefs, incontinence liners, pull-ons, and non-sterile gloves for individuals served in these programs. (Letter) --  HHSC adopted amendments to §19.2322, Medicaid bed allocation requirements, and the repeal of §19.2324, selection and contracting procedures for adding Medicaid beds in high-occupancy areas, in Chapter 19, NF Requirements for Licensure and Medicaid … [Read more...]

TX Register Updates: 11/20 Hearing, ACA Reqs.

The following information was obtained from the October 18 issue of the Texas Register. Public Hearings and Notice HHSC will hold a public hearing on Wednesday, November 20, 2013, at 1:30 p.m., to receive comment on proposed Medicaid payment rates for Doctor of Dentistry Surgical Services, second quarter 2013 Healthcare Common Procedure Coding System updates, Indian Health Services, Influenza Vaccines 90660 and 90672, Medicaid Biennial Calendar Fee Review, and Mirena. The hearing will take … [Read more...]

ILs/PLs: NF Changes, Four-person Residence

DADS released two information letters and three provider letters. HSC: DADS informed these providers about changes to the critical incident reporting requirements. (Letter) DADS also informed these providers that effective October 1, 2013, DADS will allow a service provider of residential support and the service provider's spouse, or person with whom the service provider has a spousal relationship, to live in a four-person residence. (Letter) NF: A recent legislative bill … [Read more...]