SNF aide, 77, pleads guilty to rape, faces $15 million fine if abuses again

A former employee of a Minneapolis nursing home pleaded guilty this week to chargesthat he raped a resident who suffered from dementia. He also agreed to an unusual settlement that would require him to pay $15 million to the victim's estate if he is convicted again.George Sumo Kpingbah, 77, was working as an aide at Walker Methodist Health Center when he was found abusing an 83-year-old resident by a nurse on her rounds in December 2014. A Department of Health investigation found the facility … [Read more...]

HHSC – Learning Collaborative Summit

HHSC has posted information on the August 27th - 28th Statewide Learning Collaborative Summit, including the livestream link and agenda, on the Dates and Deadlines page. Visit us at Garlo Ward, PC … [Read more...]

Recent Reforms to the Texas Medical Board Disciplinary Process

Effective September 1, 2011, House Bill 680 moderately reforms the disciplinary process of the Texas Medical Board (“TMB”). The key points of the reform are listed below. Anonymous complaints: The TMB will no longer accept anonymous complaints. “Anonymous” is defined as a complaint that “lacks sufficient information to identify the source or the name of the person who filed the complaint.” That is, the TMB has to be able to identify the complainant. However, the TMB does not have to inform … [Read more...]

Fifth Circuit Rules Against Texas Medical Board in Due Process Case

On December 2, 1010, the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Fifth Circuit ruled against the Texas Medical Board ("TMB"),  remanding a suit brought by the Association of American Physicians and Surgeon ("AAPS") and allowing the case to proceed. The AAPS complaint accused the TMB of the following: manipulation of anonymous complaints; conflicts of interest; violation of due process; breach of privacy; and retaliation against those who speak out. The key issue in the case was whether AAPS … [Read more...]

Never Talk to the Police

I've been wanting to post this video for a while. With the ramping up of fraud investigations and investigations of abuse and neglect, there is a chance that some of you might be subjected to an investigation by law enforcement. Additionally, there are investigators in the AG's office whose background is law enforcement. This is a great video about how these people work and why you should jealously guard your 5th Amendment rights. Here is part 2. … [Read more...]