HCS Providers: Additional Life Safety Documentation Kept in Four-person Homes

DADS Information Letter 14-19 (Revised): Additional Life Safety Documentation Kept in Four-person Homes Beginning April 1, 2014, HCS program providers must ensure that the required documentation related to life safety requirements is available in all four-person residences at all times. Including: · documentation of the most recent evacuation scores (e-scores) completed for the home; · if the home has a sprinkler system, documentation that there is a heat detection system in the attic … [Read more...]

Consumer Directed Services Budget Workbook Revisions to Accommodate Rate Changes for the CBA Program

The purpose of the letter is to provide direction to Financial Management Services Agencies (FMSAs) on updating Consumer Directed Services (CDS) employers’ budgets to accommodate the new payment rate, effective March 1, 2014, for Community Based Alternatives (CBA) Personal Assistance Services (PAS). The Health and Human Services Commission approved rate can be found in Information Letter No. 14- 16. The rate change for CBA PAS requires a service authorization change. By May 30, 2014, the … [Read more...]

Additional Life Safety Documentation Kept in Four-person Homes

DADS has issued the following Information Letter(s): Information Letter 14-19: Additional Life Safety Documentation Kept in Four-person Homes The Department of Aging and Disability Services (DADS) annually conducts unannounced visits of each residence in which foster/companion care, residential support, or supervised living is provided to ensure that each residence complies with DADS Waiver Survey and Certification Residential Checklist, in accordance with DADS rule at Texas Administrative … [Read more...]

IL and News Alerts: 3/31 Webinar, Postponed NF Resident Move

DADS released one information letter. CBA and FMSA: HHSC approved new payment rates for the CBA waiver program, effective March 1, 2014. You can access these rates at the HHSC Rate Analysis site. (Letter) --  DADS notified all CLASS CMA and DSA that Form 3591, CLASS IPC/IDRC Cover Sheet, is available. Providers must use this form as a cover sheet when submitting an ID/RC assessment or PC packet to DADS, beginning April 1, 2014. --  DADS has postponed moving NF resident into STAR+PLUS … [Read more...]

LTC News: Court Reverses Medicaid Ruling

"The Arkansas Supreme Court tossed out a $1.2 billion judgment against Johnson & Johnson on Thursday, reversing a lower court verdict that found the drug maker engaged in fraudulent tactics when marketing the antipsychotic drug Risperdal." - Associated Press "Lawmakers in both houses of Congress have unveiled a draft bill calling for post-acute care providers to furnish standard assessment data, with the goals of enabling better quality oversight and driving Medicare payment reform." - … [Read more...]

TX Register Updates: Reimbursement Changes

The following information was obtained from the Texas Register. Public Notices HHSC intends to submit an amendment to the Texas State Plan for Medical Assistance under Title XIX of the Social Security Act to update the fee schedules in the current state plan for: Durable Medical Equipment, Prosthetics, Orthotics, and Supplies; Early and Periodic Screening, Diagnosis, and Treatment Services; and Physicians and Other Practitioners. HHSC intends to submit an amendment to update the fee … [Read more...]

IL and News Alerts: Webinar

DADS released one information letter. DADS informed these providers that effective April 1, 2014, employment assistance is added as a service in the HCS program. (Letter) --  DADS will host an SELN Community Webinar on Tuesday, March 18, 2014. Time: 3 p.m. ET; 2 p.m. CT; 1 p.m. MT; 12 p.m. PT; 10 am HT You may register here. --  DADS updated its HCS and TxHmL provider pages, deleting the tabs "FAQs" and "Quarterly Stakeholder Meeting Webinars," and replacing them with one tab for "Webinars … [Read more...]

TX Register Updates: Medical Board

The following information was obtained from the March 14 issue of the Texas Register. Proposed Rules The Texas Medical Board proposed to amend §175.1, Application and Administrative Fees; and §175.2, Registration and Renewal Fees. The new rules would increase application and renewal fees. See the Texas Register for more information. Withdrawn Rules The Texas Medical Board proposed to withdraw the proposed amendment to §165.1, Medical Records, which appeared in the January 3, 2014, issue of … [Read more...]

LTC News: NF Inspections, Post-acute Care

--  "Federal efforts to strengthen inspections of the nation's nursing homes are gaining momentum after a government probe uncovered instances of substandard care." - Kaiser News --  "The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services sees the upcoming Quality Assurance & Performance Improvement guidelines, not harsher penalties, as the way to reduce adverse events in post-acute care, officials said on an Open Door Forum call Thursday [March 6]." - McKnight's --  "About 22% of Medicare … [Read more...]