House and Senate Bills: Assisted Living, HCS

The following long term care-related bills were recently introduced in the 83rd Legislative Session:

HB 43: Relating to the establishment of the affordable assisted living facility program.

HB 128: Relating to the creation of a childhood health program grant.

SB 29: Relating to certain Medicaid home and community-based services waiver programs.

SB 33: Relating to the electronic monitoring of residents at state supported living centers; providing criminal penalties.

SB 34: Relating to the administration of psychoactive medications to persons receiving services in certain facilities.

SB 35: Relating to the pro re nata administration of psychoactive medication in certain residential health care facilities.

SB 36: Relating to the detention and transportation of a person with a mental illness.

SB 41: Relating to the administration and provision of consumer-directed services under certain health and human services programs.

SB 45: Relating to the provision of employment assistance and supported employment to certain Medicaid waiver program participants.

SB 56: Relating to the provision and delivery of certain health care services in this state, including the provision of those services through the Medicaid program and the prevention of fraud, waste, and abuse in that program and other programs.

SB 57: Relating to improving the delivery and quality of certain health and human services, including the delivery and quality of Medicaid acute care services and long-term care services and supports.

SB 58: Relating to integrating behavioral health and physical health services provided under the Medicaid program using managed care organizations.

SB 61: Relating to the licensing and regulation of military physicians who provide voluntary charity health care.

SB 64: Relating to a policy on vaccine-preventable diseases for licensed child-care facilities.